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No ‘inevitable’ candidates, please

Hillary Clinton is not your father’s presidential candidate. She’s your grandfather’s. And if the best we can do from among all of the talented Republicans is to pick another member of the Bush family then all I have to say is, “What’s wrong with the other 300 million Americans out there? No good candidates among them?”

The words “inevitable” have been used so much about the candidacy or even coronation of Hillary Clinton that it’s started to irritate her supporters so much that the have issued a list of words and phrases that we in the media are not supposed to use when referring to her lest we be perceived as bigoted misogynists.

It’s just as irritating to me that the Republican establishment wants to jam Jeb Bush down our collective throats. I wasn’t that impressed with the presidency of the George H.W. Bush, and I found plenty to dislike about his son “W” who was arrogant and cocky without having anything to be arrogant and cocky about. Why must we settle for Jeb, who disagrees with mainstream GOP voters on several key issues, such as immigration and Common Core?

Why either of these people is considered “inevitable” beggars the imagination. This is the country that produced Thomas Jefferson, John Adams and the Roosevelts. Yes, we have our political families, but we don’t need our political families. What we need is for the voters to be able to choose the nominee of each party without the party elites predetermining who is going to win.

If they are not able to do that, that’s not democracy. That’s oligarchy.

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