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The last Trump

For many, the election of the 45th president of the United States takes on the same significance as the Last Days, with the Sun turning to blood thrown in just for good measure. When you reach the point in your life that the election of someone from the other party provokes you into suicidal thoughts or advocating a violent coup, you are seriously unbalanced, in my humble opinion.

People need to get used to losing elections occasionally. Our Democratic friends this year are behaving like spoiled children who have just been told that they can’t stay up past 8 p.m. to watch TV.

I can recall quite a few of the last presidential elections, and when they were through, the losing side invariably started to question the legitimacy of the results. For some, it is not enough that their guy (or gal) didn’t make it; it must be that the rightful one didn’t make it because of an evil conspiracy, through the intervention of the evil ones, because of a stolen election.

When Clinton was elected as a minority president (meaning that he got something less than a 51% majority of the nation’s voters) the anti-Clinton Republicans spent eight years writing about all of the people that he supposedly had killed in Arkansas, although they also had a lot of legitimate things to beef about, like massive infidelities and corruption in office. Near the end of that presidency, I remember fellow Republicans grumbling that “Clinton probably won’t allow a free election to replace him.” Of course, he did.

Then, when Bush the second was elected in an admittedly close election that was ultimately decided by the Supreme Court, the Democrats wailed and chewed on rocks and claimed that he was an illegitimate Chief Executive. Near the end of his two terms, I remember Democrats grumbling that “Bush probably won’t allow a free election to replace him.”

For the last few years now, I have heard fellow Republicans grumble that “Obama probably won’t allow a free election to replace him.”

John Lewis, who is never mentioned without the title “Civil Rights Icon” attached to his name, picked a fight with Trump earlier in the week by claiming that his election was illegitimate. Instead of reporting it as “Civil Rights icon picks fight with Trump,” the reports have invariably reversed the order of things to make it look as though Trump started swinging at the venerable Lewis. To be perfectly honest, Lewis is convinced that every Republican wants to put “ya’ll back in chains,” as Vice President Biden so memorably put it four years ago.

Now the Democrats want to convince themselves that their standard bearer Hillary Clinton lost for every other reason than the real one: that she was a lousy candidate that nobody outside of her immediate family and friends and high ranking members of the party could really stand.

Sure, the Russians released some emails that they stole from the Clinton campaign, but the release of these emails just confirmed what most people already knew about the Clintons, that they are venal, aggrandizing plutocrats who feast on the public weal like it’s their own personal whoopee pie. There is no evidence of Vlad Putin “hacking” voting machines. Didn’t happen.

So, we have a candidate that many of us didn’t want and didn’t vote for, but he won the electoral votes. Deal with it. Get used to it. Get over it. And maybe, just maybe, three and half years from now you can be muttering “Trump probably won’t allow a free election to replace him.”

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