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Olympics needs a permanent location

I was reading about the rioting in Milwaukee and realized I could barely differentiate from what is going on in Rio at the Olympic Games. With the exception of the occasional gold medal, it’s hard to tell the difference.

Attacking people just because they are white. Check. Armed robbery. Check.

Brazil is a Third World cesspool where the world’s top athletes are being dumped with every likelihood that they will contract some sort of loathsome disease. And that’s even before they visit the city’s fleshpots. It’s just from Zika-carrying mosquitoes and standing water so awful that it turns green.

This ain’t the Rio of the Girl from Ipanema.

I thought it was interesting that an Iranian woman was asked to leave the stands at one of the arenas because she was holding a placard that called on the Iranians to allow women the privilege of attending athletic events. The Olympic officials made her leave because she was “making a political state­ment” and political statements are not allowed at the Olympics. This was the same Olympics, I remind you, where the opening ceremony was devoted to a bunch of smarmy climate change propaganda that certainly ought to qualify as making a political statement. So let’s recap: No political statements IF they are likely to offend people whose religion requires that they keep their women hidden from view. But as long as the political statement is politically correct— that’s OK.

Would it be making a political statement to come out against slavery? I guess so, since it might offend Saudi Arabia or Somalia.

So how did this roach-coach of a nation win the rights to host the Olympic Games? The answer, of course, is that they went through the corrupt process of persuading the Olympic Committee to host the games. Now, the committee is supposed to look at things such as the actual ability of the country to host the Olympics and to provide a safe environment for the athletes. But really, they look at which nation offers the biggest bribe to the officials making the decision.

We are talking about world-class corruption, purchasing of favors, pay to play, and the Clintons aren’t even involved (that we know of.)

Every four years the Olympics rotates to some other woebegone place that has no business hosting anything more fancy than minor league baseball. And that country spends billions constructing athletic facilities that will probably only be used once and then deteriorate forever.

Someone wrote recently that the Olympics ought to choose a permanent location for the summer and winter games, and get rid of all of the competi­tion between nations to host. That country ought to be Greece, at least for the summer games, because that’s where the Olympics were born nearly 3,000 years ago. Greece could use the money, because it’s an economic basket case, and the facilities could be permanent. Which means that all the money that goes into facilities now could go into making them the best of the best.

Greece is a beautiful country, without any horrible diseases that I’ve heard of. I think it would be a lovely thing to see the Olympics start off in the shadow of Acropolis: the birthplace of Western Civilization.

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