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EDCO’s new recycling facility to begin operations this week

On Friday, June 30, EDCO, in partnership with the City of Escondido, unveiled its new comingling recycling facility located at 1021 Mission Avenue in Escondido.

The 70,000-square foot facility is the newest in the country, and can process 100,000 pounds of commingled recycling every hour. Up to 520 billion pounds of material can be diverted from landfills thanks to this process.

“EDCO is one of our valued businesses here in Escondido,” said Escondido Mayor Sam Abed. “They are family owned and operated, and have been a trusted city partner for many years. We appreciate EDCO’s contribution to the community, and their willingness to invest in this new facility. EDCO is an important resource for our residents and businesses, and we look forward to continuing our partnership for many years to come.”

“We are thrilled that through our investment in the newest, state of the art recycling facility in the country, EDCO will continue to support the region in achieving zero waste goals” said Steve South, President and Chief Executive Officer of EDCO. “With the opening of the initial phases of the facility, we have laid the groundwork to create a true resource recovery facility on the road to zero waste.”

EDCO will be offering free public tours of the facility beginning in October 2017.

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