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Caveat Emptor, which you may know better as “let the buyer beware.” This is a public service announcement for everyone who uses the internet. Have you received this notice in your email: “Your account locked due security reason. To restore your account you need to verify your identity by clicking the link below”? Well now I certainly don’t want my account locked as I would like to use it. And by the way, what account are they talking about?

To be sure, there will be some people who will click on the link and provide information so the sender can use it and run up your credit card balance. Unless of course you want them to unlock this unknown account. It’s all a numbers game for them as they survive on a small percentage of the hundreds of thousands of emails sent. You think your emails are secure? Guess again.

Lately I have been receiving the above email and others informing me I have won something, qualify for something or you’ve been chosen from companies like Amazon, USPS, Chase Bank, CVS, PayPal, Netflix, Cash Support and the best one from Bob Marley. Yeah the same “Don’t worry be happy” guy. Guess what? I don’t have accounts with any of the above mentioned companies. One giveaway clue is to look at the sender’s email address. If it isn’t from let’s say or it is a scam.

And speaking of scams, the other day I read where there are now counterfeit N95 masks being sold and it comes as no surprise that they don’t provide the protection of the legitimate masks as reported by medical and government officials. It never fails that during most catastrophic events the scammers put their business plans in overdrive to vacuum out our wallets and what is worse there are always willing customers proving P.T. Barnum’s statement that “There’s a sucker born every minute.” Stay alert.

A bit of sports comments. As you know, “old timer” 43-year-old Tom Brady was the oldest player to win a Super Bowl. What was not mentioned was the career of Oakland Raiders’ quarterback George Blanda who played his last game at age 48. Talk about old. How about that 30 pound catfish recently caught at Dixon Lake. It brought back memories of big bass Dolly. In my youth back in Jersey we caught catfish, sometimes, in the local reservoir that might have weighed at best 5 pounds.

Last weekend the golf tournament in LA was delayed a few hours on Saturday due to high winds. Are you kidding me? I remember a group of us playing at the Stoneridge CC (remember that course in Poway?) in late ‘70’s or early ‘80’s when the wind would blow the ball across the green. We just remembered where our ball landed and put it back before we putted. It was—to say the least—an exciting round of golf. It was especially good hitting a driver with the wind at our back.

The other day I read a story about Sabot boats which are one man sailboats. Oceanside used to hold the Mayor’s Cup regatta in the harbor and each North County city was to send their mayor to participate. In ‘01 or ‘02? Mayor Pfeiler couldn’t go and asked if I wanted to represent Escondido and of course I said yes since I had never commanded a sailboat. We were given lessons on how to tack then off we went around the buoys. Well, I lost my wind about halfway as did Jack Feller from Oceanside and Joe Keligian from Solana Beach had his rudder break off and he too was stranded. It was so fun being towed in to shore. Later lots of good natured ribbing while sharing some adult beverage as we congratulated those who finished the race and winner Jerome Stocks from Encinitas.

The recent snow in the South including hard hit Oklahoma and Texas did not seem that unusual and reminded me of a February, 1965 morning at Ft. Bragg, North Carolina when we woke to see about 2 inches of snow on the ground. Then, again in early February, in 1967 I was snowed in in Kerrville, Texas which is a bit southwest of Austin. We had to wait for the sun to melt the snow before continuing since the city did not have snow removal equipment. Just as Escondido has none even though it snowed here that same time and not since. If it does snow again in Escondido we will use Sol for snow removal.

Okay, how about TUXEDO2, rental business? NMS LAW, obviously a lawyer. This one on a license plate holder, “Keep honking, I’m reloading.” Uh oh. To all, stay safe and well.

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