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Today’s column will be a combination of mostly good news but I cannot stop writing more involving the pandemic which, hallelujah, is hopefully and finally coming to an end and we can get to our lives as we knew it before March, 2020. The first good news is that I had my first haircut in three months that took the hair off my collar. Another hallelujah. I did take special note of some of the protocol that the salon owner has to follow directed by the County of San Diego.

When I arrived for my appointment I noticed there were no chairs in the normal waiting area and I had to wait by the door before the customer before me left. When I approached the counter the owner was sanitizing the top and I asked her why. The answer was that the customer had touched the counter when paying for the service. Then she covered the chair in a one use plastic covering. Really? I mean I was fully clothed so would my shirt and pants be carriers of the COVID 19 virus? Apparently the County thinks so. Oh, my temperature was taken before I sat down. 97.5. Can’t be too careful.

This Monday I had a breakfast meeting at Charlie’s Restaurant in the dining room. Ah, more rules to follow. You must arrive with a mask which can be removed upon being seated. Someone agreed it’s hard to put food in ones mouth through a mask. One more stipulation for the dining room was that no more than 10 people can be present, We passed the test with 8. By the way, these two businesses were very happy to be open again and being able to make a buck and pay some bills.

At Vons market the other day I noticed a cardboard type of enclosure near the courtesy booth where employees clock in for their shift. The sign on the booth was “Employees Only.” I asked about this and the explanation was that all employees had to have their temperature taken and asked a series of questions before they can begin work. In case you are wondering the temperature gauge is non-invasive. I think you know what I mean. Thank goodness for small favors. And no nose probe.

Sadly though, Rosie’s Cafe is no longer. Kaitlyn Rose suffered a near fatal accident then the pandemic hit which closed the restaurant for three months. But in spite of her tenacity of Rosie the Riveter it wasn’t enough for her to keep the business going. I mean, there is only so much one can do from a hospital bed. It was a great day in Escondido when she purchased the iconic Champions Restaurant which had been a Grand Ave staple for many decades and we can only hope someone else will see the potential of a downtown eatery. Get well Rosie.

Previously I wrote about the graduation class of 2020 having been stripped of the honor to receive their diplomas in front of relatives and friends. The Escondido high schools did however give “Congratulations Class of 2020” yard signs to each grad. They are posted all over town. The best sign however is from Epiphany Prep. Each middleschooler received this sign. “Congratulations, followed with the students first name in script, then Epiphany Prep 8th Grade Promotion 2020” and the last line is “Future College Class of 2028.” Talk about planting a seed. I thought this was a great message.

Last week we had a number of protest gatherings at a few different locations. I take this time to join many others who want to thank our Escondido Police Department on how they conducted themselves safeguarding property and the people’s right to protest. It is a bit disturbing to see the many businesses being boarded up “just in case” as one business answered my question as to why. Thank you Escondido and our EPD for being bigger than that. I knew I made the right choice in 1973.

Personalized plates seem to be popping up regularly. The other day I spotted one which normally would be on a convertible but this was a coupe which hopefully had a removable top LVTOPLS or is it to mean love to please? Ponderous. I have fun driving.

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