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The other day I received an email that referenced my ‘opinion’ piece. I probably should have noted in my first column that my comments will be more of a collage of opinion, commentary and anecdotes from my 46 years as an Escondido resident. So, here goes issue three.

Last time I said I would talk briefly about a comment received regarding our streets. Briefly, the city has a program in place to more aggressively address street maintenance. This came about some 5 or 6 years ago when I mentioned to Julie Procopio, Engineering Services, my concern on the street conditions. 

She contacted a company to conduct a survey of our streets which the Council approved since it involved unbudgeted expense. The survey rated the streets from worst, meaning more immediate attention was needed, to those whose need was not as great. The Council then approved an additional $4M to the budget for street maintenance. A map was done showing the areas of priority. 

All this information can be obtained through this link You can also find when your street is scheduled for maintenance if not already completed. Thanks to Julie Procopio for implementing this program and saving the City millions in possible street rebuilding.

In the June 21, T-A was a great story about Escondido native and major league baseball player Pete Coscarart. This got me thinking about my contact with Pete. He was a partner with John Klickman and Joe Keyes in the ownership of Village Realty, which was probably the only real estate office located in an enclosed Escondido Village Mall which was the first enclosed mall in California. Perhaps the only one in the country since all real estate offices were either free standing buildings or in a strip mall. 

I thought it was genius having the office in the Mall because they had a four sided kiosk located in the walkway which had photos of homes for sale which attracted passersby. 

The Mall opened in 1961 was a very busy place being the only such Mall in North County until Camino Real opened in 1972. It was the duty of the “up” or floor person to engage with people looking at the photos and offer assistance.

My other contact with Pete was in 2001 when he was Grand Marshal of the Grape Days Parade downtown. Since I was also a participant, I decided to take my Brooklyn Dodgers tie and he graciously autographed the tie for me. Still in my closet. You see, having grown up roughly 30 miles from Manhattan the Dodgers were my National League team but the Yankees were my favorite. I didn’t know anyone who was NY baseball Giants fan. That is how they were known to distinguish them from the football Giants before they left the awful Polo Grounds for San Francisco. I don’t think anyone cried as the buses headed West, unlike when the Dodgers broke the hearts of Brooklynites when they scooted.

Next week will include the historic Daily Times-Advocate and whatever else may pop up.

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