Escondido, CA

ECOC members have an outing to Lake Hodges

Escondido Chamber of Citizens (ECOC) members April 14 enjoyed a site visit on the north shore of Lake Hodges on the San Dieguito River Park Trail and paid tribute to a departed friend.
Patricia Borchmann wrote, “Escondido Chamber of Citizens (ECOC) shared a tribute to honor Connie Witt (former ECOC President during 1990’s and our fearless leader). Photos taken w/ECOC Members, husband Daryl Witt, and members of Witt family.”
The wood bench was made and hand carved by Jerry Harmon, next to the location where a very young live oak tree was replanted (quercus agrifolia). “We all look forward to someday enjoying its shade, with countless other visitors to San Dieguito River Park, at location of unparalleled scenic, biological, and recreational value in San Diego county,” wrote Borchmann. “Some call La Jolla ‘The Jewel,’ but in north San Diego County’s Inland region, many of us consider this as ‘The Jewel of north San Diego County.’ ”

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