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ECHS History Night to Explore the impact of technology

One of the many projects displayed at last year’s History Night at Escondido Charter High School.

Escondido Charter High School (ECHS) will host its sixth “History Night” on Thursday, March 28, from 6:30 — 9 p.m., in the American Spirit Theater on its main campus located at 1868 East Valley Parkway. The title of this year’s event is “Technology Through Time.”

ECHS has hosted History Night annually since 2012. Since then, thousands of community members, elected officials, families, and other attendees have shared in the school’s celebration of historical scholarship through a showcase of student work.

The heart of the event is the mock museum exhibits created by the 10th and 11th grade students. These exhibits will capture the themes of the event: (1) determining the impact of various technological advancements and inventions on the world, and (2) evaluating the positive and negative effects of those technologies. All exhibits are interactive. Students will be standing by their exhibits to present information and engage in dialogue with the attendees about their varied topics. 

To reflect the curriculum from their classes, the sophomore students will primarily focus on technologies that influenced World History, while the juniors will focus on those specific to the history of the United States. The various advancements and inventions to be presented by students will be divided among broad categories of technological innovation, including advancements made in communication, medicine, warfare, transportation, entertainment, and emerging technology.

Founded in 1996, ECHS is part of the American Heritage Charter Schools (AHCS).  Its mission is to improve pupil learning and to promote student leadership.  AHCS believes that education should focus on both exemplary character and academic development.   This is accomplished by a focus on fundamentals (reading, writing and math/science) while striving to instill individual initiative and helping students gain an appreciation of the heritage of our country and the ideals of service, integrity, equality, hard-work and responsibility.

A previous History Night at Escondido Charter High School.

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