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ECCHO to meet July 25 over New Urban West proposal

Escondido Country Club Home Owners (ECCHO) will have a community meeting Tuesday, July 25, 5:45 p.m. at the Life Church, 1001 West Country Club Lane.

City councilmember John Masson has been invited to the meeting, and is expected to attend.

According to an email letter sent to members: “We will review the Draft EIR process moving forward and what action the community can take. The fight to oppose this project has entered another phase. The community was successful in having the City Council unanimously pass our Citizen’s Initiative 5 to O in 2013. The voters defeated, in a city-wide election, the owners Proposition H for 430 houses by over 61% in November 2014. We now have to remind the mayor, city council members, planning department and the planning Commission the reasons why the community opposes this project. ECCHO wants to see a reasonable, responsible project for the Country Club community.”

According to Mike Slater, president of the group, “ECCHO does not have a formal membership list. Our supporters/members started with the signature gathering for the Citizen’s Initiative in the spring of 2013 and the support continues to increase to defeat New Urban West Inc.’s 392 dwelling units. ECCHO supporters defeated proposition H which was for 430 units.”

Asked about how many members ECCHO has, Slater told The Times Advocate: “The way we estimate our number of supporters is by the number of people who have provided us with their emails and civic addresses to keep them updated on current news within the community. I would say the email numbers are our most active supporters which is currently 850 plus. The postal mailing list is almost 1,900 households.”

The City of Escondido June 28 released the environmental impact report (EIR) for the 392-unit project. It will be available for public review and comments for 45 days from the June 28 release.

The draft EIR is available on the City of Escondido website at or a hardcopy can be purchased from the City Planning Department for a fee.

2 responses to “ECCHO to meet July 25 over New Urban West proposal”

  1. mike jones says:

    It’s amusing how ignorant home owners are:

    Choice 1. Let them build 392 new homes with beautiful green walking trails and a country club which will significantly improve the area
    and raise there property values as well

    Choice 2. Let the abandoned golf course further deteriorate and weigh on the neighborhood property values.

    The developer should walk away for a year and just let all the homeless drug users start utilizing the abandoned property as a camp ground

    • KG says:

      Mike you got it right. When the developer bought the land it was already zoned for development and the city council played the citizens, knowing there was no way they could actually rescind the zoning. They made a political move that would cost the citizens to fight it with city funds and knew that if they lost the suit they could shrug their shoulders and say they tried.

      If the ECCHO wanted to maintain the golf course they should’ve bought the land when it was for sale.

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