Escondido, CA

ECCHO to get presentation from New Urban West Inc.



New Urban
West Inc., a design firm representing the owner of the former Escondido Country
Club property will make a presentation to property owners Saturday, July 16 & Sunday, July 17 from 11 a.m. – 4 p.m.

 The firm has been meeting with
residents to try to develop a compromise between the owner of the old golf
Michael Schlesinger of Stuck in the Rough, and the ECCHO group.

When NUWI contacted the ECCHO
group, it made it clear that Schlesinger would have no role in the design that
it would be presenting to the Country Club residents.

In announcing the presentation that
would be made to ECCHO, NUWi announced, “
In the past months, we met with you,
listened to you, and learned from you what you value most – the community
identity and pride to which the Escondido Country Club play such a big role.
Guided by your input, we have spent the last several weeks working with design
professionals and other experts to craft some concepts we’d like to share with
you. As we continue to work through the financial viability of this project, we
felt it is time for a mid-stride check-in with the community to share with you
the amenities we believe could be restored or created. This will help us gauge
whether or not we are on the right path and have identified the amenities you
most desire. We’d like your input again before we go any further.”

 The open house will be held at the old clubhouse.

According to the NUWI announcement, “We will not only have
these concepts and renderings available for your review, we’ll also provide a
road map of where we go from here. While we have spent a great deal of time
over the past few weeks working on potential amenities for the property, there
are many other variables that we will need to have answered and addressed
before we can move forward with other aspects of the project, including the
residential component. These variables include the cost of the amenities
desired by the community and level of desire for participation in future
assessments to support these amenities.”

 The ECCHO board has advised its members that it is not taking
a position either for or against the proposal.

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