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ECAG to resume meeting soon

Mike Strong, director of community development for the City of Escondido, is hoping to resume meetings of the Environmental Community Advisory Group (ECAG). 

He recently wrote members of ECAG: “I recently received announcement that the City of Escondido’s community advisory groups will begin reconvening this fall.  Through this email I wanted to share this good news with you.  More information will come in the next month about meeting date, time, and format (likely still virtual).  I am hoping to have this full, ECAG group meeting in October.  The purpose of this meeting will be to touch base, document progress on work, reset the group’s agenda, and determine how to proceed with the big ideas.”

In his email to members Strong wrote, “As you know, some of the ECAG were continuously working in the spring and summer.  Some through subcommittees and some through virtual invitations to the whole membership.  Most notably was the work on preparing recommendations on the draft Climate Action Plan (‘CAP’).  The City released the draft CAP for public comment and review in late June.  Several members of the ECAG will present their recommendations and suggested change to the draft CAP to the Planning Commission, virtually, on September 8, 2020.”

Strong invited members to review the draft CAP, the ECAG recommendations, or learn about the latest the CAP update work program.   

The goal, said Strong, “is to systematically work through the various components of the draft CAP and present a version for the Planning Commission and City Council to approve in October/November.”

 Escondido Climate Action Plan update—With the Planning Commission’s informal review complete, City staff is developing a staff report and recommendation to present to the Planning Commission in a formal public hearing on October 27.  An early release of proposed changes (updated draft document) will be released the week of October 12.   





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