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East End Club to celebrate 100th anniversary July 25

Picnics were a popular activity and family members were included. Everyone dressed for the event, usually held under a large tree at someone’s ranch home. Women wore hats and men wore ties for this special event. The afternoon gathering usually concluded with singing of patriotic songs.

On July 25, 2017 the East End Club of Escondido will celebrate its 110th birthday.  It is the oldest social organization in Escondido, formed by women living in the east end of the valley who wanted closer friendships with neighbors.

At the first meeting on July 25, 1907 officers were elected, a committee was appointed to create a constitution and by-laws: “The object of the meetings shall be for pleasure and self-improvement.”  Annual dues of 10 cents were assessed—which met the expense of compiling a membership directory.

Annual directories as well as minutes from every meeting plus scrapbooks, newspaper clippings, letters, cards, and obituaries – inevitable at age 110 – are stored in the archives of the Escondido History Center at the Pioneer Room, Escondido Public Library.

History comes alive in the old minutes:  excerpts from Minutes of April 22, 1909 read: “. . .  while refreshments were being served, we were delightfully entertained by choice selections from the phonograph,” and June 8, 1909: “. . . the most delicious refreshments were served, the delicacy being known as ‘fruit cocktail.’ ”

Inflation has affected the club.  Dues have increased to $3 annually.  The purpose leans more toward pleasure than self-improvement.

“Our membership is smaller but still meets monthly to enjoy our friendship and our fabulous history,” a member of the club told The Times-Advocate.

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