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DUI Enforcement Results

On Friday night, October 7th, officers from the Escondido Police Department participated in a DUI Saturation Patrol.
 Following are other results from this event:
        23 traffic stops
        6 Field Sobriety Tests
        1 driver was arrested for DUI alcohol,
        1 driver was arrested for DUI alcohol/drug combo. Drugs were found on his person.*
        1 Passenger was cited for illegal possession of 2 ½ oz. of marijuana
        2 vehicles were impounded.
 *The driver arrested for DUI alcohol / drugs drove up to uniformed officers who on a break at a local convenience store. The subject asked for money and began ranting about religious issues. The officers saw signs and symptoms of alcohol and drug influence. He was arrested and searched. The search revealed over ¼ pound of methamphetamine concealed inside the person’s jeans. The subject was arrested for a host crimes including driving under the influence, possession of dangerous drugs for sales, and resisting arrest.  

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