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Do we need a full-time legislature?

While most of us are trying our best to deal with the continued effect of the pandemic, our State legislature has been busy too. Busy continuing with their tax and spend answer to all that ails our beloved California. 

And after what must have been an exhaustive budget process, they feel the need and have begun their four-month vacation. 

Everyone needs a little time off. Four months sounds a bit excessive. Realizing our elected representatives will be back in their districts and working from their offices/homes over this four month period, the time off may sound more extreme than it is. 

Regardless, these are extraordinary times and there is nothing that replaces being in the office and putting in the time centered on the job at hand. And right now, that job is fighting for our business survival. Businesses that provide jobs and keep our economy fueled. Our business lives depend on it. Maybe we don’t need a full time legislative body?

The Chamber’s Candidate Forum Series is taking shape and we have a confirmed date for our first forum. Please put September 30 at 6:00 p.m. down as we have the chance to hear from Darrel Issa and Ammar Campa-Najjar, our two candidates running for the 50th congressional district.

More candidates, dates and times are coming, and the Chamber is proud to partner with the Times-Advocate in presenting these candidates forums.

Thank you for your continued support and to the new members who have joined the ranks of the enlightened by joining the Escondido Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber is here to support business in Escondido. Your Chamber membership is a solid investment in your business.

Finally, to finish off this week’s column I’d like to share the following quote from Winston Churchill: “What an extraordinary people the Americans are! Their hospitality is a revelation to me and they make you feel at home and at ease in a way that I have never before experienced.”

One response to “Do we need a full-time legislature?”

  1. Robert Daumiller says:

    In 1966, Slick Willy Brown convinced voters to vote for a full time Legislature. Prior to this, the Legislature was paid on a per-diem basis for each day they were in Sacramento. Only the Governor was full time. The thought – so said Slick Willy – was a full time Legislature would better serve Californians. Along came all the tax payer burdens of office, ever-increasing paid staff, expense accounts, pay raises, graft, fraud, COL raises, etc.etc. to support the balooning public trough. It did not work out so well. The power to tax is the power to corrupt. California has done a hell of a job at this.

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