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Disc golf: all you need are Frisbees and a course

Another hole of Community Church Park’s disc golf course.

“All you need to do is get two Frisbees, go to a course, and throw them.” When I asked current players how to get into the sport they strongly emphasized the low barrier to entry.
That’s one of the big reasons disc golf has grown in popularity so much in the past couple of years. That low barrier of entry, plus the desire for safe, outdoor activities in the wake of the pandemic have been large factors in its massive growth.
Ease of access to the courses was also a big factor. Globally there are 13,323 courses which is a 15% increase from 2020. Most of these courses are also free to access. UDisc, the app for disc golfers, shows that up to 90% of disc golf courses are free for use. This includes several courses here in Escondido and Valley Center.
Community Church Park in Valley Center has a nice 9-hole course. Right at the intersection of Cole Grade Road and Fruitvale Road is the church park. The course has long holes with interesting natural obstacles. The course is also rarely crowded so it’s a great place for new players. Remember to wear good walking shoes because the stickers can be a nuisance. Despite the stickers, it is still a beautiful course that is close to many people in Valley Center, as well as being completely free.
Kit Carson Park in Escondido also has a great 18-hole course that serves as an excellent tour of the park and its features. The course is very well maintained and fun for any skill level. The holes range in distance with many fun obstacles like trees, creeks, and ponds (if you’re really trying.) The course has been growing in popularity from 8,100 recorded games in 2019 to 28,663 in 2021. Another big draw for the course is that, like Community Church Park, it’s completely free. This means that it is rare to be the only one on the course. But there is almost never a long wait as people move through it fairly quickly.
Reidy Creek is another course in Escondido. This course as well has grown a lot in popularity recently. It grew from 1,251 recorded rounds in 2019 to 5,299 in 2021. Aside from that, I don’t know much about this course as I was unfortunately unable to get access to it.
Wherever you are, if you want to get into disc golf courses there are some great courses near you.

Playing disc golf at Kit Carson Park in Escondido.

Another “hole” on the Kit Carson disc golf course.

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