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Dine Out Escondido restaurant week exceeds fundraiser goal

Katherine Zimmer, tourism manager of the Escondido Visitors Center, tells The Times-Advocate that the final North County Food Bank donations numbers are in and Dine Out Escondido! Restaurant week exceeded its fundraising goal for the FOOD 4 KIDS Backpack program.

The amount raised was $2,288.

Zimmer  commented, “It costs $200 to provide one student a backpack of food for one school year (36 weekends), so this amount of $2,288 will provide food to approximately 12 kids for an entire school year.”

Zimmer will be doing a Facebook video with North County Food Bank CEO Jim Floros, on Thursday, April 5 at noon to announce the donation and talk about the benefits of the program in our community.

The Food 4 Kids Backpack Program provides weekend food packages to chronically hungry elementary school students from low-income households who are at risk of hunger over the weekend when free school meals are unavailable.

Every Friday afternoon students on the program are called out of class, often to the school nurse’s office, and discretely given a bag of food which is tucked into their backpacks. Each bag contains enough food to see the students through the weekend, and the discreet distributions remove the stigma that might be attached to the program.

For more info, go to

Food 4 Kids Backpack Program

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