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Devoted Petz nonprofit’s first fundraiser meets $1,500 goal

The Devoted Petz CEO Erin Greene and some furry friends.

The Devoted Petz’s kick-off fundraiser with Pals Socks is almost done, meeting a goal of $1,500 with no issues. The organization was started to help animal nonprofits and all furry friends in need and they have that by placing more than 10 kittens in perfect homes, healing sick kittens back to health, and mending the broken hearts of older cats in need. 

Erin Greene, CEO of The Devoted Petz told The Times-Advocate: “It took a lot for this fundraiser to happen, it was fully covered and we received portions of the funds but I had to put a lot of work in to gain the following needed in order to be awarded this fundraiser.”

Greene herself does many of the things that nonprofits such as Pals Socks do. She told The Times-Advocate: “My nonprofit helps other nonprofits who need assistance as well as animals in need!” She found homes for the 10 kittens.

The capital from this fundraiser will be used to:

• Provide necessary funds to animals such as routine vaccines, spay/neuter, microchipping, deworming and all medical needed while they are in our care

• Provide necessary supplies such as food and litter

  Establish an emergency fund for future endeavors

Greene said, “The Devoted Petz was started in early August as an Instagram account and within 3 months we grew from 0 to over 1,000 followers. That growth helped us get the partnership with Pals Socks for this awesome fundraiser. This was our most successful fundraiser to date and we will be forever grateful to Pals.”

The idea of The Devoted Petz was created when Greene adopted a kitten named Nala who got extremely sick within a week of her adoption. She saw a need for animals as well as nonprofits who may be struggling because of the Coronavirus pandemic. In addition to the pandemic interrupting fundraising efforts for nonprofits, it has also become harder to adopt animals during this time. 

The Devoted Petz’s mission is to “Help all furry Friends, big or small we will help them all,” said Greene. “We live this mission by fundraising and donating what we can to those in need.”

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