Escondido, CA

Deputy arrests man for attempted kidnapping

A man wanted on suspicion of trying to kidnap young girls in Los Angeles and Escondido is now in custody after being arrested by a Valley Center Sheriff’s Substation Deputy in the North County.

24-year-old Elijah Lopez is wanted on suspicion of following and forcibly grabbing a six-year-old girl who was walking with her blind father in Huntington Park, south of downtown Los Angeles, on Tuesday, September 1st. Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) issued a wanted flyer which reached the Valley Center Sheriff’s Substation.

On September 2nd, Deputy Brian Umali was driving back to Valley Center after responding to a service call at Palomar Medical Center Escondido when he saw a man standing at the intersection of Highway 78 and Broadway. The man matched the description of the suspect in the wanted flyer from Los Angeles. Deputy Umali detained the man, who was wearing the same clothing in the LAPD crime alert. While detaining the man, an observer flagged down Deputy Umali claiming the same man had been following a juvenile. The victim ran to a nearby grocery store for help.

Elijah Lopez is now booked at a Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Jail. LAPD and Escondido Police are continuing their investigations.

3 responses to “Deputy arrests man for attempted kidnapping”

  1. Mariana says:

    Do you have a picture

  2. what you say says:

    If your worried about all these kidnappings all you got to do is follow the money, there is not much people that have money, just in case you did not know. this Lopez guy probably is not even a kid napping but just way of someone you should be after. Now we all herd rumors of who this people are. You really think people do not know.Is like you think you have people convinced to believe drugs are found by street junkies then why every time money gets ceased from drug cartel is not spear change there 100 dollar bills. Follow the money stop the real evil people cause we are headed towards a brick wall at 100 miles an hour. cause history is about ready to repeat it self.

  3. Daniel says:

    Yeah. What he said……I think!

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