Escondido, CA

Dentist will buy back Halloween candy again

Three kids take advantage of last year’s Halloween Candy Buyback.

As Halloween Candy time approaches Escondido dentist, Todd Brilliant of Brilliant Dental, is once again sponsoring a Candy Buyback program to prevent children from consuming too many sweets.

All of the collected candy will be donated to the officers at the Escondido Police Department.

There are four simple steps to how the buyback program works:

1) Bring your candy to Brilliant Dental, at 726 E. Grand Ave., during business hours between Wednesday, November 1 and Thursday, November 9.

2) They will weigh your Halloween candy and pay you $1 per pound.

3) They will also donate an equal amount to your school.

4) Volunteer! You can join them in delivering the candy to the officers at the Escondido Police Department at 1163 Centre City Pkwy, Escondido on Thursday, November 9, at 4 p.m.

And yes, the police officers are very appreciative of the donation.

Finally, the dentist reminds you to keep your kid’s teeth healthy, and be sure that they brush and floss their teeth, especially after eating simple carbohydrates and sweets.

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