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Renovation begins on new Ritz Theater

The Ritz Theater this week, where renovation has begun.

Renovation has begun on the corner building of the Ritz theater on Grand Avenue, and scaffolding is up throughout the interior of the Ritz. Demolition and construction is being done by Erickson-Hall Construction Co,, which is based in Escondido. 

According to Pastor Tim Spivey of the New Vintage Church, which owns the property and is renovating and repurposing the 80-year-old iconic building, “By now, the roof of the corner building is being removed. It’s a bit of a unique demo because of the structures involved. It isn’t wrecking ball or scoop. More of a cookie crumble.”

Spivey added that the building should be fully gone and ready for new construction within ten days or so. “After some delays at the hands of SDG&E, everything is coming along nicely. Mayor McNamara, Councilwoman Diaz, Councilman Masson, and Supervisor Gaspar have toured the site within the last two weeks and are excited about the project— They have expressed support for helping it be completed on time,” said Spivey.

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  1. Tim Spivey says:

    Hello everyone, a quick point of clarification, the Ritz isn’t being demolished or repurposed. It is being remodeled and reopened. The corner building is separate from the Ritz. Imnot sure they will think it, but I don’t want anyone to think the Ritz is being torn down. It isn’t.

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