Escondido, CA

County to spray for Travel-related Zika Case

County to Hand-spray Escondido Neighborhood in Travel-related Zika Case

County Vector Control crews plan to hand-spray an Escondido neighborhood to kill invasive Aedes mosquitoes and prevent them from potentially spreading the Zika virus after finding them near a person who contracted Zika outside the country. Vector Control plans to hand-spray the area Thursday, November 10th weather permitting. The area to be hand-sprayed is roughly 17 acres in size, includes 109 units and is bordered by Rimrock Drive on the north and East El Norte Parkway on the south.

County crews went door-to-door in the area Tuesday to notify residents in person, leave door hangers and show people how to prevent mosquitoes from breeding inside and outside their homes.

This will be the eighth neighborhood in San Diego County that Vector Control has had to hand-spray this year to protect the public health.

For more information or to view a map of the area to be sprayed, please visit the County’s website at

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