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County to examine Yellow Dot program



The Yellow Dot program is a public safety tool that saves lives.

On Tuesday, the Board of Supervisors voted unanimously to investigate the potential and cost of launching the program in San Diego County.

The Yellow Dot program provides first responders with information critical to treating a person who is found incoherent or unresponsive following an automobile accident or medical emergency.

Participants affix a yellow dot to the rear window of their vehicle. The dot alerts emergency personnel to a corresponding folder in the glove compartment that contains a photograph, emergency contact information, a summary of the participant’s medical history and other vital information.

“In an emergency, every second counts,” said a spokeswoman for American Medical Response, one of our local ambulance companies. “The Yellow Dot Program puts critical emergency information into a place where paramedics can easily find it fast.”

The Yellow Dot program is in place in nearly 200 jurisdictions in 20 states.

Fast access to medical information is especially important during what emergency personnel call the “golden hour,” those first 60 minutes following a crash.

A medical summary can prevent adverse drug reactions, which are blamed for up to 100,000 deaths nationally in hospitals every year.

I look forward to learning more from the county’s staff members when they return to the Board of Supervisors with recommendations within the next three months.

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