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County launches achievement center to help probation youth succeed

Social worker Hector Miramontes is one of the staff at the Achievement Center in downtown Escondido. He works with youth, who are referred to the rehabilitative afterschool program to help them complete the terms of Probation and build themselves up in other areas.

Escondido youth who need help completing their court-ordered terms of probation have new opportunities to succeed through an Achievement Center.

The Achievement Center offers probation-referred youth between the ages of 14 to 19 an afterschool program that includes academic tutoring, work readiness training, career exploration, sports recreation, group and individual counseling, case management, mentoring and follow-up services. It even includes transportation to and from the center, a snack and dinner.

It is one of several new and innovative programs that San Diego County juvenile justice partners have collaborated on to divert youth from detention and instead provide them with rehabilitative services in their own communities.

“Our goal is for Achievement Centers to help young people maintain positive community support, complete their education, and learn about new, lifelong opportunities,” said San Diego County Probation Chief Adolfo Gonzales. “Similar programs in other states have shown success in guiding youth toward completing Probation and going on to lead crime-free lives. That’s what we want for our young people.”

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