Escondido, CA

Council votes to complete missing link to trail-bike path

The Escondido City Council Wednesday voted to complete the .6-mile length of missing link in the Escondido Creek Trail/Bicycle Path between Broadway and Centre City Parkway. The project will be funded by a grant from the San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG).

The council authorized the Director of Public Works/City Engineer to execute on behalf of the City a funding agreement between SANDAG and the

City of Escondido for the Escondido Creek Bikeway Missing Link Project and approved a budget adjustment to spend grant funding of $1,092,000.

“I’m glad the board is making this a priority,” commented Mayor Sam Abed. “It enhances the transportation, safety and mobility and encourages biking and walking. It’s going to be a great project for the city,” he said.

The money comes, via SANDAG, from the Active Transportation Program and was created by Senate Bill 99 and Assembly Bill 101 to encourage the increased use of active modes of transportation, such as biking and walking. The goals of the program are to increase biking and walking trips, increase safety and mobility for non-motorized users and help reduce greenhouse gases.

The city requested the grant from SANDAG last September.

City councilmember Mike Morasco said he hopes that the trail would continue through the creek and under the shopping center. “I’m a bit of an adventurous rider,” he explained.

Councilmember Olga Diaz agreed that they ought to look and see if the tunnel that goes under the shopping center is rideable. She said she would also like to see if they could encourage murals there. “It could be a really cool tunnel,” she said.

“One grant at a time,” said Abed, who observe that the trail, “will connect the transit center with the downtown core. It will enhance the walkability of the downtown area.

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