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Council moves to renovate Jim Stone Pool

The city council voted 5-0 March 1 to spend $398,802 to contract with Mission Pools of Escondido to renovate Jim Stone Pool. Work is expected to begin by the end of March or the beginning of April.

This project will renovate both existing pools and update pool equipment required to meet current County Health standards.  On February 16, the City received five bids to re-plaster the pool and replace failing equipment. The pool’s mechanical building will also be replaced. Mission came within the city engineer’s estimate.

During the discussion before the vote Deputy Mayor John Masson expressed a concern that the money might be misapplied. “We’re talking about expanding our park and building a bigger library, I’m wondering whether we should be spending this money now?

A staff member assured him that the project was downscaled to meet County Health Dept. standards without additional expenditures.

Councilmember Mike Morasco said he had been asked recently by a constituent whether the pool was being closed. He said the public would undoubtedly be happy to hear that the pool would not be closing.

The Jim Stone Pool is located at 131 West Woodward Ave. It was officially renamed the “James A. Stone” municipal swimming pool in December 1997, to honor the late Jim Stone, who was the city aquatics manager for 35 years. He died in January 1998.

For information regarding programs and hours of operation during business hours call 760-839-4691.

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