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Council appoints two to library board

At the April 10 meeting of the Escondido City Council, the council approved the recommendations of Mayor Paul McNamara to appoint John Schwab and Carolyn Clemens to fill two regular vacancies on the Library Board of Trustees, each for a three-year term, terms to expire March 31, 2022.

There were 13 applications to the vacancies, something that the mayor remarked upon when he made his nominations: “We had a lot of people who applied for the trustee job and we had more qualified applicants than we had slots available. If you didn’t’ make it tonight I would encourage you to apply next year. There was an incredible amount of talent and it was tough to reach consensus.” Ultimately, McNamara asked the other councilmembers to provide their top four choices and he picked the two with the most votes.  

Carolyn Clemens is a project manager with Northrop Grumman in San Diego. She has never served on a public board before. She is currently a volunteer advisor for Kappa Alpha Theta at the University of California, San Diego.

Asked why she wanted to serve on the library board, Clemens wrote, “I would like to serve on the Board of Trustees for the Escondido  Public Library because I believe that libraries are an integral part of our community. Serving on the board would enable me to share my love of libraries with the community and ensure that the library remains a place for open thorough discussion and learning.”

John Schwab is a retiree who has also not served on a commission or board previously. He has volunteered with the Escondido Chamber of Commerce as an ambassador; he has chaired the Grand Avenue Festival Committee, is a member of the Escondido Sunrise Rotary, and volunteers with Interfaith and the Just in Time Foster Youth organization.

Asked to explain why he wanted to be on the board, Schwab wrote, “Since 2010, I have been volunteering for the city and county in various capacities and enjoy contributing my time and seeing the results of my efforts. I have over 30 years’ experience in successfully negotiating and managing complicated contracts for services, sales, procurement and construction.”   He worked for both large corporations and sole proprietorships. 

The five members of the Library Board of Trustees meets the second Thursday of each month, 2 p.m. in City Council Chambers.

One response to “Council appoints two to library board”

  1. paul Benold says:

    I have read the qualifications of the newly appointed Trustees of the library.
    Escondido is lucky to have such experience at the helm of the decision making process.
    However, after the long closing of the Library I was delighted to start my usual bicycle ride down to the Library and read the
    Wall Street Journal while sitting in the comfy sofa chairs and absorbing all the bussel around me.
    Well, that appears to be a thing of the past. No comfy chairs, very few chairs, very few people, very few librarians, very few books and no traffic.nobody at the computers. dead.
    I asked myself “What Happened”
    Here is what Happened.
    Decisions were made by the decision makers ” The Trustees” that made this all happen.
    I can understand the necessity to retire books and this decision can be successfully defended in layman’s terms and the policy executed and it’s a done deal. All this without any political blow back! No warm blooded victims!
    However, the library is now almost empty of people and staff.
    I question that the decisions made by the Trustees that have lead to this situation can be summarized in this same way as in deleting unused resources (old books don’t have a home anymore)
    No it can’t.
    The reason why the place is empty is because it is no fun to go there anymore.(victim me) Hard back chairs. Like a D.M.V. waiting room, no people watching, being out in a friendly atmosphere from being older and alone, free entertaining.
    The old library as we used to know it is gone because there was a choice of two decisions to make.:
    1.In force rules that comfy chairs were for READERS ONLY! may be with a time limit, may be with a time pass like using the computers etc.
    2. Dump the comfy chairs, the homeless got the bathrooms (winners) but they are not getting the comfy chairs.(victims)
    Decision 2 was made because of the same reason the books were thinned out.
    The decision was defend-able with no political blow back because it has strong precipitant. Give in to the homeless.!
    If decision one was made all hell would break loose.
    The library staff would revolt. The homeless would balk. There would be breaking of the peace, the news paper would report it with their twist. all hell would break loose! The trustees would be asked to defend their decision.
    SO, I loose my comfy chair and a nice place to go to a nice atmosphere because the Escondido City Counsel in order to distance themselves from tough decisions appointed Trustees to make tough decisions in a personally safe manner.
    In other words they chickened out and gave the library away.
    Now I believe that I am the victim now and it doesn’t matter what religion, sex, education, color or anything except that I am a tax supporting user and member of the Escondido library.

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