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Consumer protections in healthcare



We are all deeply concerned about the welfare of our families. As a wife and mother, these concerns naturally influence my legislation, as well as the bills I support. As a result, this session I was proud to lend my support to an important package of health care bills that will benefit millions of Californians.

Under these new laws, patients will have better access, cost savings and preventative care services will expand, mental health treatment will improve and, in the long run, tax dollars will be saved.

Specifically, one measure will protect patients against surprise medical bills from providers outside their insurance plans, despite the fact that treatment was provided at in-network hospitals. Currently a patient can receive a surprise bill of several thousand dollars after being treated at a health facility.

This protection was sorely needed.

My bill, AB59 that was just signed by the governor, extends assisted outpatient mental health treatment facilitated through local counties. This program, known as Laura’s Law, has shown great results in helping otherwise untreated individuals return to productive lives.

By passing these bills, the Legislature has shown that it can unite for the public’s benefit.

For my part, I will continue to introduce and support legislation to modernize California’s health care system to improve access and save taxpayer dollars. I am looking forward to continuing bi-partisanship on this issue after the Legislature convenes for the new session in January.

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