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Consider how we shop


Our activities over the past year have been so altered. One of the biggest change in our lives has been shopping habits by a very large portion of our population. Consider how millions of us now shop for food, clothing and even toys and other items some consider necessities. The many vans and trucks from Amazon, UPS, FedEx, GrubHub, Uber Eats and others and cars and vans delivering meals from local restaurants boggles the mind.

Always looking for the upside is how many new vehicles have been manufactured to handle the increased amount of deliveries to be made. Of course, the downside is the constant turmoil created for small businesses who get State color code orders to close then open then close and open again. I suppose some good news coming today will be restaurants and hair salons and barbershops will be “allowed” to fully open for business and keep people employed and the owners can pay their expenses like rent which will make property owners also happy. Of course, to be safe they must follow the mask and anti-social protocols aka six feet separation.

All of this delivery business means that more of us have to use the internet like never before. This is good news for PC and laptop production and sales which coincides with the demise of Win7 which since January 14 has ceased to receive technical support which means another type of virus could be lurking in the shadows to attack your PC or laptop. All of this online ordering has forced even the most reluctant internet user to get on that keyboard. There is a small downside to all of this in that not everyone has internet access or even a cell phone be it I phone or other. Hard to believe but I know of one person who just got a cell phone last year. The upside to not having internet is you don’t receive the incessant number of emails from every conceivable company in the country.

Short soapbox topic. Since this is January that means our State Legislators are hard at work crafting a few thousand more bills they hope will become law if and when the Governor signs them. Perhaps, and I may be alone in this but, it seems to me most of the energy exerted by our Legislators should be in addressing the current pandemic in California such as administering the vaccines ASAP and how about dealing with our current budget issues and getting our public schools open. We don’t need a few thousand new laws.

Over a year ago I wrote about the many businesses in town that have gone by the wayside and the other day I read comments from someone regarding the old Escondido Village Mall like TG&Y, Walker Scott and others like Orange Julius, mmmm so good. I will add the Bon Ton, Sir George’s Smorgasbord and the Village Barber Shop which had out front the only shoe shine stand in North County. And the EVM is where I first saw Greg Evans, Luann comic strip fame, with his talking robot. Remember?

If you didn’t know, the reason why there was a breezeway, which is now Harding Street leading to Walmart, is that area is the location of the San Diego Aqueduct that runs through Escondido and no structure can be built over it. Grass and asphalt no problem. Note the greenbelt north of Washington Ave splitting Harding Street and El Norte Parkway further north. By the way, Sears was not a part of the mall; which is why the building was separated from the Highlander Men’s Store. A few more memories. Remember Gemco, Fedco and FedMart? How about Fill-Em Fast?

Last week I read a comment from the Encinitas City Clerk stating that one of the requirements for applicants to be appointed to the City Council is they must be a California state citizen. Do we have state citizenship I’m not sure since I have not before heard of this.

Ending on a light note again here goes. Yesterday I was out and about, not caring about pro football games, I saw FAN 4 GB. Obviously not a big fan since this was at 2:30 p.m. during game time.

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