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Conservancy gets grant for new microscope

A school class visits the Interpretive Center at the Elfin Forest Recreational Reserve where they see nature up close and personal through the new microscope.

Textures, colors, patterns, and microscopic organisms come alive as The Escondido Creek Conservancy was awarded $1,500 for a new microscope by the San Marcos Community Foundation. As a result of the grant, visitors to the Interpretive Center at the Elfin Forest Recreational Reserve will now have a clearer view on the microscopic world.

The Elfin Forest Interpretive Center provides visitors with an opportunity to learn more about the local habitats, plants, and animals of the reserve. One of the most popular stations within the Center is a stereo microscope attached to a television screen that visitors can use to take a close-up look at some of the creek’s tiniest inhabitants—aquatic macroinvertebrates. The microscope allows visitors to see a part of the local ecosystem that they wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity to see. The microscope is also used on fieldtrips, so thousands of students and adults each year will now have an enhanced experience at the Center. 

The Interpretive Center is open during volunteer availability. Please visit for hours of operation. You can also help support our education programs by donating to the Eichen Education Fund. Visit for more information.

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