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Companion Animal Clinic, a Network Partner with feeding pets of the homeless

The national nonprofit, Feeding Pets of the Homeless, welcomed Companion Animal Clinic in 2019 as a network partner. The hospital is asking the community to bring pet food donations to their place of business in an effort to support pets whose owners are homeless in Escondido. Companion Animal Clinic accepts pet food and pet supplies year round at 1215 S. Escondido Blvd. Suite 1, Escondido, during regular business hours.

Pets of the Homeless Volunteer Coordinator Robin Meyer told the Times-Advocate, “We are grateful for Companion Animal Clinic continued participation as a Feeding Pets of the Homeless Donation Site. Because of their efforts we are able get homeless pet owners the help they deserve.” 

Over the course of a year, millions of people become homeless with numbers rising.  About 80% who experience homelessness are homeless for a short period and usually need help finding housing or a rent subsidy.  Unfortunately, for those with pets it becomes more difficult, forcing them to choose between their pet and a roof over their head.  Surprisingly, most choose to stay on the streets with their pets.  Their pets are their comfort, provide an emotional bond of loyalty, are nonjudgmental and provide protection.  It is estimated that one in four homeless people have a pet.  Pets of the homeless do not choose their guardians. 

More than 19,000 pets have been medically treated through the assistance of Pets of the Homeless, and 623 tons of pet food collected and distributed nationally. There are more than 400 Donation Sites nationwide. Pets of the Homeless has provided over $1.1 million in emergency veterinary care to pets of the homeless.

Companion Animal Clinic accepts pet food donations year round.  For more information, call the hospital760-228-1474 or visit

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