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Community Lutheran Christmas display attract over 350 cars

The Nativity scene at Community Lutheran Church.

Over 350 cars drove through the Christmas display at Community Lutheran Church in Escondido— and some of them drove through more than once.

It included a light tunnel,  live animals,  a nativity,  Victorian carolers,  fake snow, and live music. 

Stephanie Miller of Community Lutheran told The Times-Advocate: “Our church was excited to serve our community.  It took over 80 volunteers to put on the event.  From builders and sewers, to greeters and musicians,  we all wanted to love Escondido.  We wanted to bring hope and joy to our neighbors.  The only thing that is certain in these uncertain times is the love the Jesus gives to us even when we don’t deserve it.  We tried to show people that love.”

The Wise Men display at Community Lutheran Church.

The Light Tunnel display at the entrance of the Church’s Christmas display.

2 responses to “Community Lutheran Christmas display attract over 350 cars”

  1. Judy Waterman says:

    I am not a member of your church but I listen to your devotions all the time I also get your e-mail. I am home bound which is the reason I listen to your services Thanks for being such a caring congregation.

  2. Nancy Anderson says:

    Thank you for sharing this testimony. It is incredible that God’s human vehicles, McPherson and Kuhlman, are so little known, but it helps us understand how this Death Camp world hates the Light. When millions of people are healed miraculously and yet, in a pandemic, no leader calls for prayer, SELAH!

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