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College gets three Bobcat tractors on loan

From left: The new T870 track loader, E32 excavator and E45 excavator recently delivered to Palomar’s Diesel Technology program by Bobcat.

The Diesel Technology program at Palomar College took delivery last month of three new pieces of Bobcat equipment as part of an affiliate training program sponsored by the Bobcat Company.

The new equipment includes a T870 track loader valued at $92,000, an E45 large excavator worth $61,000 and an E32 small excavator worth $52,000. The machines will help improve the quality of training available at Palomar’s thriving Diesel Technology program.

“The need for diesel technicians has grown exponentially with the booming economy,” said Sergio Hernandez, a professor of Trade & Industry at Palomar. “The diesel industry is constantly looking for technicians, and we’re trying to keep up with the demand by training students how to operate and maintain state-of-the-art equipment. For 30 years, Palomar has partnered with Bobcat, and this is the latest benefit of our partnership.”

As part of the agreement with Bobcat, the three new machines are on loan to enhance training opportunities, including affiliate classes held in conjunction with the company. Every year, the machines will be replaced with new models at no cost to Palomar, and when they are not being used for Bobcat’s affiliate courses they can be used as needed in Palomar’s credit classes.

“This will be a tremendous boost to our program because our students will be getting training and exposure to the latest technology with these machines,” said Hernandez.

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