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Climbing out of total lockdown


Ah, it appears that we are climbing out of the total lockdown as a result of COVID-19. Salons, restaurants and many other businesses are now able to open, not fully open, and get people working again. 

Following safety protocols will get our economy moving again; easing some concerns that cities have had for the past six months who rely heavily on sales tax revenue as Escondido does. The down side is that some businesses will not reopen. You recall that Rosie’s Cafe downtown closed permanently, not being able to overcome the mandated closure.

One bright spot I noted was in comparing the current pandemic to the Spanish Flu of 1918. That pandemic lasted for 26 months and our current CV19 is in the sixth month and we are making tremendous progress toward its elimination or at least containment. I do believe if we continue observing recommended protocols that our current normal should be gone by year’s end.

The other day I noticed two large semi-trailers parked in front of the 24 Hour Fitness location in La Terraza being loaded with workout equipment. A large sign painted on the side of one trailer noted that a new fitness center will open soon. I have no idea who the new operator might be or even if the new center will be as successful as 24 Hour has been the past roughly 20 years. I have not checked on the North County Fair, oops I mean Westfield North County, or the North Rose Street locations if they will remain open. At least LA Fitness—where I go—is still here.

Nail and beauty salons and barber shops will now be open and no doubt have full schedules and operators back at their stations as people call for appointments to correct shaggy hair and nails since more people will be going out in public. And with restaurants now able to have indoor dining they also should see an uptick in business and perhaps hiring more employees. There is a new pizza restaurant opening soon on Grand Avenue with a “now hiring” sign in the window. I don’t say everything is coming up roses but something is growing.

Something else of note is that the supermarkets are not yet fully stocked; I presume a victim of the current normal. Mostly in the grocery department. Production must be the issue since we have probably the best supply line and delivery system anywhere. People must be cleaning and sanitizing as never before because on recent trips to the market the cleaning products section was perhaps 10% stocked. One section that has not seen a shortage is the produce department. Good news.

The other day a friend emailed me a real estate question. As I was answering I thought about all the real estate offices that once served Escondido. If you have lived here less than 30 years you may not recognize these independent locally owned offices. Bozarth, Steelman, Crowe, Holliday, Key, Village, Wilson “We Know the Valley,” Harms Golden Hills, Escondido Realty, Heritage Realty, First American, Vlahos, Hypoint, Pacesetter, Glendale, Kalina, RoadRunner, Huff, Glendale, Goodman, The Carriage Realty—and I’m sure I have missed some.

Then we have the franchises like Red Carpet, Forest E. Olson, Realty World Centurion, C-21, International Real Estate Network who coined a still used phrase “looky loos.” And we still have the longest serving Escondido real estate office, Hanson Realty which began under Bill Hanson in 1957 at the same location on North Escondido Boulevard next to Taco Bell which once was Milan Steak House. On the other side was Handyman, also a long gone home improvement store.

Last week I mentioned words which are not to be spoken as they may elicit an emotional response. Have we not remembered “Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me”?

This week’s personalized plates. AYKPOP, no idea. CURLOWN, salon owner?

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  1. Yvette Light says:

    24 hr Fitness on Rose has been closed for many years!

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