Escondido, CA
Partly sunny
Partly sunny

City’s preparation trumps the rains

Getting ready for last year’s El Niño storms that fizzled put the City of Escondido in fine shape to deal with the much larger than usual rainfall over the last few days.

Early this week Escondido Director of Public Works Ed Domingue released a recap over the city’s response to the recent rains. “We have been very fortunate as the City did not sustain any major damage,” said Domingue. “We thoroughly prepared for last year’s projected El Niño season and took care of any major infrastructure issues at that time. Since then we have maintained our parks and streets by performing regular preventative measures like regularly clearing storm drains and annual tree maintenance.”

For this past weekend PW Operations staff worked down trees and storm drain plugs: – Friday night until about 10 p.m. – Saturday afternoon assisted Field Engineering at the K&B Homes project with some flooding of local area. – Sunday midday on and through the night with downed trees and unblocking drains. – Monday storm patrol and downed tree works continues.

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