Escondido, CA

City working On Washington Park Skate Spot

The City of Escondido is continuing to work on the Washington Park Skate Spot and Parking Lot Expansion.

The two part project includes a 7,000 square foot skate spot and new parking lot located on the corner of Washington Avenue & Rose Street. 

The design of the skate spot resulted from three design workshops hosted by the city over several months. Each was attended by about 50 participants They provided attendees the chance to work with the consultant to help plan and design the skate spot.  The design will represent the culture and character of the community.

The second part of the project is a new parking lot along Rose Street. The parking lot’s 30% plans were submitted in December 2019. After staff review, it was requested that the parking lot location, originally proposed for Washington Avenue, be redesigned and relocated off of Rose Street. 

On May 1, revised 50% plans addressing staff’s concerns and comments were submitted for review. Over the next two weeks, plans will be analyzed by the appropriate city departments and comments will be sent back to the contractor. The entire project will be presented to the Planning Commission and the City Council in the coming months. The project could go out to bid in fall of this year.

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