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City wants feedback on locating fitness courts

The City will be installing four additional fitness courts throughout Escondido that will be part of a greater network of Fitness Courts across the County and Southern California. City staff is currently exploring locations and seeks public feedback.

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One response to “City wants feedback on locating fitness courts”

  1. Maria Bowman says:

    The forgotten neighborhood Westside Park between Tulip and Spruce Streets and 3rd and 5 Avenues in Escondido. This area has several apartments and many new developments, like the new developments across the transit center, approved senior housing on W. Valley Pkwy and Quince, 555 W. Grand, and the City block on 2nd & Quince St. All these new residential units will need parks, recreation facilities, that the City may want to strongly consider. Parks are a significant way to reward economic development. Please consider the entire area on the Westside.

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