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City temporarily shuts off water at golf course

On Thursday, August 4, maintenance workers of the Vineyard Golf Course in Escondido attempted repairs to the course’s drinking water system.

After the work was completed, Vine­yard staff were concerned that the drinking water and recycled water sys­tems had been accidentally cross-con­nected during the repairs. The City of Escondido was notified and City staff confirmed the cross connection after investigation. The water supply to the course was immediately shut off. The cross connection existed for less than two hours.

City staff immediately alerted the San Diego County Department of Pub­lic Heath, repaired the water system to remove the cross connection, and began flushing the system with drinking wa­ter. The water supply to the course will remain off to allow time for thorough water quality testing. Portable toilets and bottled water have been brought on site, so the Vineyard Golf Course will remain open for golf during the water outage.

Recycled water is used at the Vine­yard Golf Course for irrigation. It is safe for limited body contact but is not safe for drinking or swimming.

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