Escondido, CA

City surveying residents to see if a sales tax might fly

The City of Escondido this week is completing a survey of about 800 registered city voters, asking them a variety of consumer-related questions, including quality of life questions, and to gauge how much public support might exist for a sales tax that would help the city address its current fiscal difficulties.

Assistant City Manager Jay Petrek told The Times-Advocate that the survey was structured to determine if there is enough support for improving various city services to encourage the city to put a possible sales tax measure on the ballot in 2020.

“They survey is asking impressions about Escondido, their quality of life, satisfaction with the community and obtaining information regarding a potential sales tax measure, based on council direction using information on this poll and potentially future polls,” said Petrek. “Also regarding their interest in supporting various measures and improvements to preserve certain city services in light of the financial situation we will see in the next several years.”

The results of the survey will be available to staff early in November. The results will be given to the City Council for its November 20 meeting and won’t be available until four days before the meeting. 

The survey was conducted involving randomly selected registered voters. To ensure the objectivity, anonymity and reliability of the survey results, the City contracted with True North Research, an independent survey research firm, to conduct the survey and summarize the results.

Participants’ responses were confidential and the city did not see individual survey responses. 

For residents who have questions about the survey, call 760-839-4631.

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