Escondido, CA

City restricts cannabis use

California recently became one of the most welcoming states in the union to use and sell cannabis, i.e. marijuana products. Escondido is choosing to buck that trend by exercising the option of banning sales and medical dispensaries.

That doesn’t trump state law, which has made it legal to use recreational pot, but it does make it considerably harder to buy the product legally in city limits.

At last Wednesday’s council meeting, the city council further refined its ordinances regarding cannabis by adopting Ordinance No. 2017-03, which amends Article 57 (Miscellaneous Use Restrictions) of the Escondido Zoning Code and Chapter 17 (Offenses- Miscellaneous Provisions) of the Municipal Code to regulate all cannabis and marijuana-based land uses and activities to the extent permitted by state law.

The new ordinance updated definitions and terms related to cannabis and marijuana-related products to align with the definitions provided within State law; 2) expand the prohibition of marijuana dispensaries to also prohibit any form of marijuana business, trade, or industry; and 3) establish an exception to the prohibitions therein to allow private noncommercial use or lawful delivery or transport to the extent permitted under State law.

The newly adopted ordinance also updated the city’s Social Host Ordinance to make it illegal to provide an environment where minors consume cannabis or any other controlled substances.

This followed a recommendation by the Planning Commission.

Mayor Sam Abed reflected his council when he declared, “Escondido is making the toughest restrictions allowed by law. We are given the authority to restrict things. The community doesn’t want it.”

One speaker during the hearing praised the ordinance, saying it would help people be more aware when they were having parties that they could be held liable.

Another speaker asked that a sentence be added to the ordinance reminding everyone that marijuana continues to be a federally controlled substance, despite state law.

2 responses to “City restricts cannabis use”

  1. Eddie89 says:

    The “community doesn’t want it”? Really!?

    It seems like Slick Sammy doesn’t read because Prop 64 passed in Escondido with 52.1% of the vote. Which would mean that the community does want it!

    But then again, Slick Sammy doesn’t listen to “the people”, which are not his corporate donors. Those are “his” people.

    Time to vote Slick Sammy out of office and elect for a real leader! One that listens to “the people” and not his deep pocketed business donors.

  2. Douglas Einer says:

    I’m not clear on if ‘Deliveries’ will be allowed in Escondido, or not-?

    Many people have Mobility Issues that make ‘delivery’ much preferable than driving to get their meds, then having to wait until they drive home in order to take their Cannabis Meds when they’re in need of relief.(don’t want to get a DUI and/or possibly harm anyone)

    This also assumes that ‘most everyone’ has their own vehicle, Public Transit can take around 3 hours there, and 3 hours back, (to San Diego) which may mean waiting to ‘legally’ dose Your Cannabis Med/s for over 6 hours-! (while having symptoms)

    Delivery is a much better/safer option. IMO

    Imagine how ridiculous it’d be for ‘Any Other’ Medication/s, “Oh, wait, they don’t sell Nyquil in Escondido, I need to go to San Diego by Bus waiting possibly over 6 hours before I can legally take it”-? (when I’m already suffering symptoms) (I chose Nyquil because people ‘Can’ get a DUI from cold medicines as well)

    Abed, and members of the Escondido City Council are against such common sense options.

    The current Anti-Democracy action/s by Abed, and the Escondido City Council, in no way makes Escondido a ‘Safer Place’ to live. IMO

    It will tend to promote even more Black Market / Cartel activity in Our City. IMO

    How would ‘that’ be a better solution than following the Will of The People, and, the Law-?

    I know which way I’d go, I’d try to have Escondido be an innovator and ‘Do it right’ with a vision towards mitigating problems and also to take the Profit away from the Black Market.

    Sadly, Sam Abed, and the Escondido City Council, don’t seem to agree.

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