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City promotes: ‘Spend It! In Escondido’

The City of Escondido is urging local residents to spend their money in their hometown. It is promoting a buy local campaign during the holidays.

In a recent release Mayor Sam Abed urged: “With the busiest shopping season of the year about to begin, this is a good time to remind residents about a community awareness campaign called Spend It! In Escondido. The focus of the campaign is to educate community members about the importance of shopping in Escondido.”

Every taxable dollar spent in Escondido benefits important city-provided services such as police and fire, senior services, libraries, street maintenance, street lights, parks and recreation. Sales tax generated from Escondido transactions (1% of gross taxable sales), stays in Escondido and contributes to the quality of life you enjoy.

Abed wrote, “Purchases generating sales tax revenue are critical to a healthy Escondido economy. But it’s not just about sales tax revenue: While the goal is to increase sales during the busiest shopping time of the year, there are other benefits to shopping locally. If you stay in town, you save on gas, you discover new businesses you might not have otherwise visited, and you contribute to community pride and the health of the Escondido business environment.”

More information about Spend It! In Escondido is available online at http:// aspx

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