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City of Escondido, CCAE assists local nonprofit

The Park Avenue Community Center is experiencing a temporary closure of its main building due to flood damage from a broken water heater.  

San Diego Oasis, a nonprofit organization serving people over the age of 50 with an office location at PACC, hosts many of their North County Inland classes at that site.  Due to the water damage, Oasis no longer has the ability to continue the majority of their Inland classes until all the repairs are completed.  

As a result, the City of Escondido was determined to help the local nonprofit find locations around town which would allow the organization to continue serving the older adult population throughout the community.  

“San Diego Oasis is so grateful to the City of Escondido for their assistance in relocating classes throughout various city buildings.  We also want to thank the staff of the California Center for the Arts who have opened their doors to us so that we can offer our upcoming scheduled Oasis classes throughout the next few months,” David Beevers, North County Program Manager for San Diego Oasis told The Times-Advocate.  

The locations of all the summer classes throughout North County will be listed in the new Oasis summer catalog which will be available to the public on April 25.

San Diego Oasis is a nonprofit organization serving people over the age of 50 throughout the region by promoting successful aging through lifelong learning, healthy living, and community service.  The organization offers over 2,400 classes and activities throughout the year, including lectures and sessions in health and wellness, exercise and dance, arts and crafts, history and humanities, finance, technology, languages and personal development.  

Oasis also operates an intergenerational literacy tutoring program that encourages older adults to work with at-risk children. This has improved reading skills and self-esteem in Title One designated elementary schools throughout San Diego.  Over 600 older adult tutors work in 105 schools in 12 school districts, sharing their time, their talents and their wisdom with students who need their help.

For more information on how you can help San Diego Oasis North County, visit or mail your financial support to San Diego Oasis, 5500 Grossmont Center Drive, Suite 269, La Mesa, CA 91942.

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  1. There is this site based out of south Orange County, called that has 100s of tips for struggling nonprofits. I listen to the founder talk at a nonprofit event and learned she started the site after seeing how little free advise there is for nonprofits that need help. Look at the site reach out to the founder I bet she will help San Diego Oasis.

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