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City negotiating to buy YMCA land

The City of Escondido is negotiating with the representatives of the YMCA to buy or possibly lease the seven-acre property on 1050 North Broadway where the current Palomar Family YMCA is located.

This information comes from the council meeting agenda for March 24 and is part of the closed session part of the agenda.

Last week the Times-Advocate reported that the YMCA of San Diego had announced that it was selling the campus, which has been the location of a YMCA in Escondido for 50 years.  The reason the Y is selling the property is declining membership due to COVID-19.

The land includes 85,000 square ft. of building including a preschool, gym, basketball court, fitness center, exercise rooms, lockers, offices and an outdoor swimming pool.

The city has first refusal on the property. Which means that the city has to be given a chance to buy the property before it is offered on sale to other parties.

One response to “City negotiating to buy YMCA land”

  1. Jim Vander Spek says:

    Long time Palomar YMCA board member and booster, John Masson, is likely rolling in his grave.

    I hope the City has been able to review the merger agreement when Palomar YMCA merged with San Diego YMCA.

    Escondido and other inland North County residents donated the funds for this facility and I am hoping that there were some restrictions on sending the proceeds from a sale out of town. San Diego YMCA should donate this facility back to the city so that it can finally get moving on a long overdue aquatic center. If they have subsidized the Escondido facility, make them prove that. Anything beyond that belongs here.

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