Escondido, CA

City Manager updates residents

Message from City Manager, Jeffrey Epp: “Residents and law enforcement in Escondido have really shown their best this week, even though other parts of our country suffer from protests turned violent, rioting and looting. 

“The thoughtful emails, remarks and feedback from our residents as they express their views have been great. Stories of our officers talking to residents and sharing experiences have been equally heartwarming. 

“In Escondido, our Police Department is always prepared to protect the community from violent protestors. At the same time, you can also see them talking with people, expressing unity, and even passing out lollipops and stickers to children in the area. The outcome is a great example of what community policing is all about. Residents have been equally amazing—we have experienced several examples of peaceful protestors helping to maintain order and confronting others who wanted to engage in disruptive behavior.

“It’s all proof that everyone can make a difference when a community comes together. Keep up the great dialogue, Escondido!”

4 responses to “City Manager updates residents”

  1. Jerry Kaufman says:

    The Escondido Police dept. Is one of the best in the nation.
    They have always had very professional and caring leadership and the officers they employ care very much about their citizens.
    Keep up the great work you are doing as City Mamager.

  2. Mike Loarie says:

    There may be some as good, but there are none better than the women and men of the Escondido Police Department. From the professional staff to the most senior officer, they consistently deliver service to our community.

  3. Will Corwin says:

    I’m happy for what they are and looking out for ALL of us in the community!

  4. Larry Steneck says:

    I grew up In Jersey City during the riots of the 1960’s. Before the riots our city was a great blue collar town with very little problems. My neighborhood, like many in the city, was integrated about 50/50 between white and African American. We all got along and were great friends. But the riots changed things. Not overnight but things were never the same and over time Jersey City became a tough place to live.

    It is great to hear how our police department responded to the crisis in other parts of the country. But it only takes a moment of bad decision making and an incident can become a crisis. While shopping at Walmart on East Valley Parkway a week or two ago they announced the store was closing at 1 PM so the could board up the windows. Harbor Freight here in town is all boarded up as are many other stores throughout town. Clearly businesses were preparing for the worst.

    It would be a wise decision to establish a community council that meets regularly to discuss relations between the police and the community. Such a Council would consist of the Mayor or his designee, the police captain or his designee, two members from the Latino community, two members from the African American community and other interested parties. It would be great to add leaders who could relate to the gangs in this city. Hopefully the topics and information, changes and improvements from these meetings would filter down to the community.

    God forbid we have a fatal police shooting in this city because lollipops and stickers will not save us.

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