Escondido, CA

City manager to retire but stay on to help find his replacement

The rumors have been flying for weeks that a change was in the air at City Hall. Now, in a semi-official way, the news is out. 

Jeff Epp, who was working for the city when the City Hall building opened 30 years ago, spent many years as the city attorney and has capped his career for the last  the last few years as city manager, will be retiring in July.

However, he will stick around City Hall for a while with the title of retired annuitant, a position which the city council approved in closed session on June 10. He could be with the city in this capacity for several months, even a year. In that capacity Epp will help the city find his replacement. He will also be the city manager, a job that he already does, but ready to exit that position as soon as his replacement is chosen. 

The item that the City Council is expected to approve Wednesday afternoon is worded thusly: “Request the City Council approve the appointment of Jeffrey R. Epp as City Manager effective July 13, 2020 to perform duties under Chapter 2, Article 3, Sections 2-38 et. seq. of the Escondido Municipal Code and make findings that appointment is necessary for critically needed position.”

Epp will be paid the same salary as he is paid now: $286,000 a year, or rather the monthly equivalent of $23,833.33 per month.

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