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City hopeful of 2021 Cruisin’ Grand

The City of Escondido is working under the assumption that there will be a Cruisin’ Grand this year, although it might be a truncated one.

The Times-Advocate reached out to Teresa Collins, deputy director of communications for the city, who said she and Cruisin’ Grand founder Steve Waldron have been meeting regularly on the street festival that normally runs from April to October, and which didn’t happen at all last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“Both the City and his [Waldron’s] group (SoCal Productions) are committed to get Cruisin’ Grand up and running just as soon as we are permitted by the State and the County,” said Collins. “We do not have a firm start date as of today, but we are hopeful there will be a 2021 season. It may be shorter than normal and we will have to adhere to whatever COVID safety guidance is provided by the State/County, but we are confident we can find a way to adapt.”

15 responses to “City hopeful of 2021 Cruisin’ Grand”

  1. Barbara Rollins says:

    I just really wish the car people (we were over the Hill gang President a zillion years ago) would SPEND SOME MONEY. I have said time and time again, you spend 50-100K on a car, and you bring your damn coolers? Please support local businesses!!!!

  2. Trish Pettijohn says:

    Skipping Crusin Grand altogether would get my vote. Noisy, obnoxious, messy, and repetitive event.

    • Mike says:

      Our family really enjoys Cruisin’ Grand, including our granddaughters. It is a family night out with classic cars and music. We have been and will continue to support the restaurants and shops nearby that really need it because of the pandemic.

    • Brendan says:

      I have to disagree, it has become a staple of the Escondido culture. Live music, local businesses all up and down, live music, a DJ, all types of cars from all generations, and so much more. No two nights at Crusin Grand are the same, sometimes you’ll see the Back to the Future Delorian, other times there will be model As and Model Ts, or even tractor night. The only thing you can count on is nitro night, where 60s dragsters start and are pushed down the road. The most popular dragsters show up from all over the US, like Don Garlits Swamp Rat or TV Tommy Ivo. Walkin past Filippi’s with an ahooga horn going off in the back ground while kids hoola hoop really is as family friendly and inclusive as it gets. The smell of fresh Kettle Corn and live music from the 60s; Friday nights in Escondido just don’t get any better than Cruisin Grand

    • Bad Bry says:

      Mike, just stay home & sit in front of the boobtube. The rest of us can enjoy beautiful Escondido and awesome vehicles of history.

    • Bhob says:

      I’m a gear head from way back and i couldn’t agree more! When i first moved here i thought it was pretty cool, then it just got repetitive and boring especially the Nitro Night (really?! No driveshafts, No burnouts just a bunch of noise and the occasional fire / motor coming apart due to amateurish workmanship?!?) CG should be no more than a once a month thing and besides that I like the outdoor dining / single lane traffic on Grand RN.

  3. Julia Bridgewater says:

    We love Crusin Grand and missed it very much. I am so glad it is coming back!!!

  4. Jim Taylor says:

    Hooray! I can’t wait for it to start again. That ’64 GTO in the picture is mine.

  5. Rick B. says:

    To those nay sayers and nit pickers who do not see any value in Crusin’Grand, open your %##*& eyes and pull your heads away from your cellphones: The merchants on Grand do more business on Crusin Grand Fridays than the rest of the week combined. Where else can you see beautiful cars (for free!) and enjoy a clean, educational family event for all ages? Waldon has made sure this event has been going for over 20 years, I can only hope he can pull it off for another 20.

  6. Noel Bushu says:

    Can’t wait to see it again. People who go do spend money. I always ate dinner at a restaurant on Grand. Loved to listen to live music.
    Then I’d go to Civic Center listen to outside music dance a little have a drink or snack before heading to Comstock for dancing. Full night out supporting the community.

  7. Danielle Harris says:

    We come to Escondido to visit family almost every summer and Cruisin’ Grand is a staple of our scheduled entertainment. We are hoping it will be open this summer when we come through!

  8. Mike says:

    Just heard the good news about Cruisin’ Grand’s 2021 comeback! Yay! Thanks Steve W and the City of Escondido for your perseverance. See you there, Mike & Judy, (‘34 3W)

  9. Richard Keroack says:

    I love it cruzin grand is really fun for the whole family and everyone else I just got my truck done and ready to show it off. I grew up in Escondido and used to cruz valley parkway back in the day in the 80s I really wish it would open soon see you out there

  10. Tired, Poor, and Trans says:

    Honestly, I could do with more variety in Esco events. Weekly Cruisin’ Grand is pretty repetitive.

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