Escondido, CA

City Hall reaches out to help businesses

In his weekly address Escondido Mayor Sam Abed made it plain that a priority for the city is to increase the health of the business community.

His address was entitled: “How Can City Hall Help Your Business?”

“Having a thriving business community not only means services and jobs for our residents, it also means revenue for our city which in turn can be spent on public safety, streets, parks and other quality of life amenities,” wrote the mayor.

Abed noted that the “City Council has made economic development a high priority and is committed to being a business-friendly community. As a result, it is important to me personally to reach out to businesses. I meet with local businesses regularly to learn more about them, to see how they are doing, and to find out what the City can do to help keep them in Escondido and to help their business grow.”

If you are a business owner in Escondido and would like Mayor Abed to visit your business, contact Michelle Geller, Economic Development Manager, at 760-839-4587 or

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