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City employees will now contribute more to pensions

At its March 22 meeting the Escondido city council took another step towards reforming the city‘s pension system.

By a 5-0 vote the council adopted a “Resolution of Intention to Amend the CalPERS Contract” and then heard the first reading of the “Ordinance Amending the CalPERS Contract.”

The city has been taking steps towards changing the way the city funds CalPERS for several months now. At the January 24 meeting the council approved a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the police and fire employees’ unions in which they agreed to pay 1% of their CalPERS premiums this year, 2% next year and 3% the third year as employees share additional costs of their pensions.

The Escondido Police Officers’ Association/Safety Unit (POA) and Firefighters’ Association (FFA) voted by secret ballot, with 91% of the police union membership voting for this change and 97% of the firefighters’ union approving.

Effective May 18 this cost sharing arrangement will take effect. The amendment to the contracts will have to be ratified each August for the next two years to officially add 1% each year for a total of 3%.

This cost sharing will save the city about $561,000 for the term of the (2018-2020) Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with both groups.

2 responses to “City employees will now contribute more to pensions”

  1. Darlene Whaley says:

    I am appalled how this paper has twisted facts to ensure that there will be enough to swing their re-reflection. You want the illegals, go live with them in Mexico. Your slanted views decry the views of the majority who want our state and/or city to remember where their paycheck comes from and abide by the rules set forth by our founding fathers. We are fed up with you liberals. Your day is coming to a close!!!

  2. Congratulations Escondido on celebrating 30 years of your City Hall facility! Myself and my former partner, the late architect Randy Dalrymple were the two Design Principal Architects of our former firm Pacific Associates Planners Architects (PAPA) who envisioned, designed and produced your City Hall. From the early days of the International Architectural Design Competition in 1984, to being the semi and the finalist architects and ultimately winning, we had a very specific vision for your Escondido City Hall as a civic centerpiece. Time has validated our planning and architectural visions. Our City Hall design captured the spirit of Escondido with its’ time and most appropriate enduring character as well as serving as a user-friendly and inviting environment to conduct the business of the City and host Civic Events. The City Hall has and continues to serve the people and the community well. Continue to enjoy our labor of love, as we worked with passion.

    As it turns out, I fully understand City Hall both as an architect/designer and as a politician as I relocated from a successful San Diego Architectural firm in 2006 to Crescent City, CA to be elected to the City Council in 2008 and served as Mayor in 2011 when the the Japan Tsunami hit and destroyed our Harbor. So I truly understand City Hall, inside and out.

    Congratulations once again, Escondido!

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