Escondido, CA

City eases water restrictions

On August 17, the Escondido City Council voted to ease water restric­tions from a Response Level 2 to a Re­sponse Level 1- Water Shortage Watch Condition. The approval removes the three days per week, seven minutes per station outdoor watering restric­tions that had been in place since June 2015.

Recent changes to state mandates now allow for a flexible approach to conservation after Escondido and the San Diego region showed sufficient supplies are available for the coming years. Customers still are encouraged to use water wisely. As a reminder, the following restrictions are enforced at all times regardless of which Response Level the city is in:

• Leaks and line breaks must be re­paired as soon as they are discovered.

• Eliminate excessive runoff from over watering.

• Irrigate landscapes between the hours of 6 p.m. and 10 a.m.

• Fountains must re-circulate the wa­ter.

• Washing any vehicle with a hose not having a water shut-off nozzle is prohibited.

• Washing hardscape with a hose or other pressurized source is prohibited.

• Watering or irrigating outdoor landscaping with potable water during rainfall or within 48 hours if rainfall is prohibited.

• Hotel or motel must provide guests with the option not to have towels and/ or linens laundered daily.

• Restaurants or other places where food is served will not serve drinking water to customers unless requested by the customer.

From Escondido Municipal Code, Article 5, including Section 31-230 and Section 31-232

Visit the Water Conservation page on the City of Escondido’s website for more information: www.escon­

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