Escondido, CA

City council modifies sign ordinance

The Escondido City Council August 17 adopted a modification to the city’s signage ordinance that will allow the Escondido Auto Park Association to install a larger and more modern en­trance sign to the Auto Park—a sign that is visible to motorists along I-15.

Bill Martin, director of community development, told the council that this type of sign (regional market sign) is limited to commercial properties that abut I-15. Currently there are two such signs, the Auto Park sign and the West­field Mall sign. The big LED display on the side of the Lexus dealership is not technically considered a business sign.

The sign in question is on the west side of I-15 in the heavy industrial zone of the city.

Allow replacement of the freeway sign. These signs are limited to com­mercial properties along the I-15. The sign is located on the west side of I-15 in the heavy industrial zone. The new sign would replace the existing sign on Simpson Way. The existing sign is 20 years old and needs to be replaced with LED lights, said Martin.

The old sign is 630 square feet; the new one will be 775 SF.

Existing market sign standards called for 750 square feet, with the new standards being 825 SFT.

Martin noted that the Planning Com­mission had recently voted 6-0 to recommend adoption of the sign ordi­nance and to approve of the Auto Park sign.

City council member Ed Gallo called the new type of signage, “pretty smart. Many decades ago we had bill­boards and now they are electronic. In my opinion that’s a very smart design that maximizes exposure and that’s what advertising is all about.”

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